Brunch Menu


November 21st


Griddled Carrot Bread / $6

Amish butter

Toad in a hole / $6

Whole wheat toast, farm egg, pepper jam

Cheese Plate / $15

Felsa Yehr (aged sheep's milk cheese), blue cheese, chevre, soda bread, whipped honey, apple butter, Amish butter,

Borscht / $10

Beet and cabbage soup. Soft boiled egg, dill yogurt

Beet and Yogurt / $10

Crunchy lettuce, cucumber, flatbread

Winter Salad / $12

Golden beet, celery root, apple, dill, walnut, kale, sherry vinaigrette

Buttermilk Biscuits / $6

Wild rose butter


Alphabet City Breakfast / $14

Two Eggs your way, smashed fried potatoes, chimichurri, choice of one side

Open Faced Steak Melt / $14

Scrambled eggs, cheese, whole wheat garlic toast, onions, peppers, smashed and fried potatoes

Omelet / $16

Eggs, mushrooms, caramelized onions, peppers, sheep's milk feta, smashed and fried potatoes

Spätzle and Eggs / $14

Poached eggs, chili oil, garlic yogurt, scallion and mint

Huevos Rancheros / $18

Braised Lamb, refried black beans, tortilla, Ajika, cilantro, garlic yogurt and fried eggs

Smoked Trout / $16

Toasted poppyseed bagel, labneh, sumac onion, tomato and arugula

Sandwiches & Wraps

Served with chips and a pickle

Falafel / $14

Flour tortilla, lettuce, tomato, sumac onions, cucumber, yogurt & tahini sauce

Fried Chicken / $14

Soft sesame seed bun, cabbage slaw, habanero honey sauce

The Alphabet City Smash Burger / $14

Soft sesame seed bun, grass fed beef, colby, pepper jam, caramelized onions, dijonaise